A planournal is an intriguing mashup of a planner and a journal. Why? Because battling binge habits is no small task. We need a tool to sketch out and define our daily goal(s) and track our productivity and progress.

But let's face it—fighting a binge habit can be frustrating, exhausting, and emotionally draining. Planning our attack is essential, but so is reviewing and reflecting upon our efforts each day.

Your planournal gives your thoughts and feelings a place to live other than in your head.

As beautifully unique individuals, we have different needs and styles regarding planning, focusing, and executing tasks. Design your pages to fit what works best for you. Go bold with lots of colors, doodles, underlines, circles, and stars. Or keep it precise, streamlined, and clean.

Make your planournal reflect who you are, but more importantly, craft it in the manner that works best for you to maintain organization and focus.

Additionally, in considering children using the Screen Time Planournal, the pages were left as blank canvases, inviting them to exercise their creativity and imagination, without any suggestion as to what that should look like.

When Binge Battle refers to exploring and monitoring your screen time, it means:
• Junk flow screen time - when you get pulled into your screen and have difficulty backing out, practicing addiction-like behavior.
• Entertainment screen time - time not related to work, education, or research.
• Why you seek social media - is to connect with family and friends, connect with others who share the same hobbies, follow celebrities, read and post comments, etc.
• How you behave on social media - do you contribute positively or negatively to your cyber communities? Is what you post something you would say in person?
• How you feel during and after your screen time - do you feel energized, motivated, optimistic? Or frustrated, angry, confused, depressed?

Your planournal is a guide to your own unique and individual personal growth, created specifically by you. Just as in any endeavor, the more you put in, the more you will get out.

With a vision of creating conversations and inspiring positive action, Binge Battle’s goal is to protect your time and money by helping you—

Fight the Suck.

Unequivocally, NO.

Binge Battle planournals are 30 day challenge workbooks for individuals who want to explore and monitor their behavior and are not medical advice or instruction and should not be used as a substitute or alternative to the care and instruction of medical or mental health specialists.