About Binge Battle Planournals

Overwhelming schedules, job frustration, relationship issues, life altering events; indulging in a binge habit is a way to cope. An effortless way to escape reality for a bit.

But, have you ever noticed that while these prolonged moments of indulgence feel good at the time, they have an insidious way of sucking more and more of your: attention, time, motivation, patience, creativity, money? The living from life?

So what do you do? How do you not turn to your binge habit to relax? Unwind?

De-stress? Cope?​

You planournal.

Planournal. Difficult to say. Awkward. But, the more you say it the easier it becomes. Bad habits, too, are difficult and awkward, and the more you practice to reduce or replace them the easier they are to manage. 

Binge Battle planournals use ideas and theories explored in positive psychology. Each planournal provides guidance to find and focus on the positive, asks you to seek challenges that make use of your individual character strengths, and gently steer you to concentrate on meaningful relationships and purposeful activities. Combining the task and productivity properties of a planner with the reflective space of a journal, the planournal serves as a tool for your mental health tool box.

Your planournal is a guide to your own unique and individual personal growth, created specifically by you. Just as in any endeavor, the more you put in, the more you will get out.

With a vision of creating conversations and inspiring positive action, Binge Battle’s goal is to protect your time and money by helping you—

Fight the Suck.

Disclaimer: Binge Battle planournals are 30 day challenge workbooks for individuals who want to explore and monitor their behavior and are not medical advice or instruction and should not be used as a substitute or alternative to the care and instruction of medical or mental health specialists.