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Let's Write Your Bucket List!

Bucket lists are sometimes known for being outlandish or unattainable. Other times, they are thought of as something that only exists in movies. In reality, bucket lists are a healthy way to evaluate your priorities and set goals that can trigger positive behaviors and personal growth. There are numerous benefits to creating one, especially if your individual slogan seems to be, “I don’t have the time.” 

What is a Bucket List Anway?

Bucket lists are checklists of things you want to accomplish in your life. The term comes from the popular idiom “kick the bucket,” meaning you want to do these things before you die. And as much as no one wants to think about their eventual demise, doing so can offer perspective. As poet Emily Dickinson said, “That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet.” 

Earning a living, adulting, and the ridiculously face paced life we all tend to lead puts travel at the top of most bucket lists. Escaping from our monotonous and stressful routines to experience what the world has to offer beyond our own small place in it is a common and relatable goal of many: to see the expansive glory of national parks, to behold the miracle of the wonders of the world, and to allow all our senses to engage in the sensual vibrancy of food destinations teeming with cultural diversity. 

But, not all bucket lists have to be about traveling. Other bucket list items are more achievement-based, such as learning to play an instrument, to run a marathon, or to complete a long-desired creative project. Your bucket list tasks can be anything that brings you joy and gives you a sense of accomplishment. It could be as small as reading a book or as extravagant as skydiving. 

Reasons to Make a Bucket List 

Evaluate Your Passions and Priorities

Making a bucket list can potentially be a self-affirming and therapeutic practice. Growing up, becoming one of a couple, career focus, children, age; life has an uncanny way of making us forget who we are, or maybe, who we wanted to be. When you take a moment to reflect on your life and desires, you can find out a lot about what your passions and priorities are, old and new. 

Do you care about a luxury lifestyle, or would you rather live humbly with a lot of good experiences? Also, when pushing yourself to think of bucket list items, you may stumble upon an untapped hobby or passion to pursue, to open up to the idea of pushing outside of your comfort zone, even if only to say, “I did that once.” 

Goal Setting

Goal setting is a great way to keep yourself accountable to complete the tasks you want to do. Making goals, short and long term, can give you something to look forward to and improve your day-to-day mindset. Checklists are great for establishing productive habits. 

Work On Yourself

Along with self-examination, bucket lists can be a great tool to improve your mental and physical health. Given that time is a finite commodity, investing in yourself by pursuing bucket list goals has incredible return on investment potential. Whether it is the actual achievement of the goal itself or merely personal growth in striving for it—you gain either way. 

Enjoy Your Life To Its Fullest

It’s remarkably easy as responsible adults to settle into daily life and let those bigger dreams become just that—dreams. Making a bucket list is a realistic way to actionably turn them into reality. Plan once in a lifetime vacations. Make lasting memories by achieving what you consider impossible. Push your comfort zone to the limit and do things that scare you. And enjoy life to the fullest extent with each bucket list item you mark as completed. 

Benefits of Getting it Down on Paper

There are plenty of benefits to writing your goals down. It urges you to have a record of what you want to accomplish, determine a clear focus, and hold you to a higher level of accountability. 

Writing with pen and paper helps retain information, organize thoughts, and actually achieve goals. This is because the process of using a pen and paper prolongs the storage and encoding of long-term memory in the brain. To begin the process of transforming your dreams into reality, simply write them down. 

Is Screen Time Getting in the Way?

Screen times have rapidly increased over the last decade, especially for teens and young adults, with no indication of slowing down as the world adapts and changes with new technological advancements and an onslaught of global and national crises. 

Just imagine what goals, short-term, long-term, or bucket list, could be achievable if we translated even a portion of our screen time into actionable pursuit of them? Consider the possibilities if our limited leisure time, hard earned money, and flagging energy weren’t sucked into a digital black hole that takes much and offers little back. 

Don’t relegate your future memories behind junk flow screen time, turning them into should’a could’a would’a conversational pieces after age takes the choice away from you.  

Define, set, and track your goals. Turn them from insubstantial dreams into the motivational success of reality. 

Fight the suck. Planournal

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