Do You Relate to the Screen Time Suck?

Fight the Suck.

Are you honest with yourself?

The average daily amount of screen time we engage in is staggering. Everywhere you look, you can find someone staring at a screen. Toddlers on tablets to neglected seniors in front of the TV and no one left out in between, all sucked into a digital black hole. What’s astonishing is, most of us don’t recognize that we may have cause to be concerned about our behavior.

Exploring and monitoring screen time for 30 days to track time and the whys and hows of its use is a checkup for our wellbeing, much like the preventative care we give our teeth and body.

Fight the Suck. Planournal.

Binge Battle dares you to

explore & monitor
your screen time

You might just be surprised by what you find.
What you're ingesting
Just like Food, Screen time can be junk

You already know why you slip into a food coma after eating fast food, or why a sugar crash happens after sneaking fistfuls of Halloween candy. But, do you know why you feel so good during a screen time binge and afterwards—not so much? At Binge Battle we explore the concept of achieving a mental state of flow versus slipping into junk flow and why we all need to know the difference.

Sober Your Suck

Are life stressors or the monotony of adulting sucking you into the habit of revenge bedtime procrastination that includes bingeing your drinks along with TV, or pouring a few extra over the weekends?

Binge Battle dares you to explore & monitor your behavior for 30 days.

Sober Your Suck Planournal Coming Soon!

See Your Suck

A nibble here, a small snack there, little calories that add up everywhere. It is ridiculously easy to loose sight of what and how much we consume in a day.

Binge Battle challenges you to explore & monitor your behavior for 30 days to see what habits suck you into the pantry or fridge.

See Your Suck Planournal Coming Soon!

Budget Your Suck

Smart devices always within reach. Express and mobile pay. Not enough time and too much time in the day. Shopping has never been so effortless...or mindless. On an impulsive whim and with nothing more than a swipe or a click, we can spend, spend, spend. A couple of bucks here, a few bucks there, money sucked away everywhere.

Budget Your Suck Planournal Coming Soon!