Binge Free Days: 1

In all my years of binging, I’ve realized that I need definite boundaries.  I envy those that can naturally stop eating when full.  Unfortunately, I’m not one of them. At least not today. Yes, I always am thinking about food. Yesterday was a great day food-wise.  I wasn’t really hungry due to lingering sickness, so I think it was a little bit easier to asses where I am right now and what I can possibly try to get on track food wise.  I’ve decided to give Weight Watchers another whirl.  Why? Because I want to be realistic and do something I can stay with long term. While I was eating clean prior to meeting J, I was in complete control of what I ate and where I ate.  Now that we share meals, I can’t be that prescriptive and without some sort of “ok” to eat things that might not be the healthiest, I think I’m doomed to fail by overeating… or giving into a binge free-for-all. What I like about the Points Plus plan is that I can “stay within my boundaries” and still eat real food… just less of it.

So I signed back up again.  I’m all excited, but it looks like they are changing the entire program this Sunday and a little nervous that “free foods” like fruits and veggies are no more.  Will wait and see.  For now, I celebrate that I stayed within my points for yesterday.  I actually feel good about what I ate yesterday, which included a few KitKat minis (stocking stuffers for J — but NOTHING is safe in a house of a binge-er. LOL).  Onwards… and downwards..

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