Monthly Archives: December 2015

Binge Free Days: 1

In all my years of binging, I’ve realized that I need definite boundaries.  I envy those that can naturally stop eating when full.  Unfortunately, I’m not one of them. At least not today. Yes, I always am thinking about food. Yesterday was a great day food-wise.  I wasn’t really hungry due to lingering sickness, so I think it was a little bit easier to asses where I am right now and what I can possibly try to get on track food wise.  I’ve decided to give Weight Watchers another whirl.  Why? Because I want to be realistic and do something I can stay with long term. While I was eating clean prior to meeting J, I was in complete control of what I ate and where I ate.  Now that we share meals, I can’t be that prescriptive and without some sort of “ok” to eat things that might not be the healthiest, I think I’m doomed to fail by overeating… or giving into a binge free-for-all. What I like about the Points Plus plan is that I can “stay within my boundaries” and still eat real food… just less of it.

So I signed back up again.  I’m all excited, but it looks like they are changing the entire program this Sunday and a little nervous that “free foods” like fruits and veggies are no more.  Will wait and see.  For now, I celebrate that I stayed within my points for yesterday.  I actually feel good about what I ate yesterday, which included a few KitKat minis (stocking stuffers for J — but NOTHING is safe in a house of a binge-er. LOL).  Onwards… and downwards..

Cleansing advantage to being sick

I’ve been sick since Saturday. That’ll teach me to not partake in the Black Friday madness.  I can pinpoint the exact person who got me sick — this woman at Wal-Mart.  I was stuck in a shopping cart grid-lock and nowhere to go when she continually sneezed on me.  I remember thinking…Ewww.  Low and behold… Saturday afternoon I started to feel sneezy, but wrote it off.  J came over and I was fine that night except for occasional sneezing.  Sun Am… I knew something was up.  So… 3 days and countless hours in bed later, I’m finally sort of alive again.  My first day back at work.

As much as I hate being sick… there is one advantage.  For me, being sick causes my appetite to be non-existent and I temporarily do not have the urges to binge. Since I’m REALLLLY trying to make a good go of this and dramatically decrease, if not end my binging cycles, I’m taking advantage of it and eating clean today. So far, so good.  Of course, it’s only 12:51.  LOL.  Stay tuned…

Moving in….

If you’ve found my little corner of the internet, welcome.  I’m moving in.  Seems that my last hosting agreement went awry and I couldn’t post… so taking the opportunity to clean things out, move things around and get a responsive design in place to start actively journaling my personal adventure with binge eating disorder. Please be patient while things look weird and mismatched!